Excavator Robot - Smart Construction Machinery


Construction machinery robot has been regarded as the trend of the development of the industry. Caterpillar and Komatsu proposed the concept of smart construction, it is in mechanical engineering based, digital and Internet, data and intelligent technology introduced engineering machinery and engineering construction.

Excavator Robot is the world's leading digital hydraulic technology and the existing hydraulic engineering machinery with a classic case of robot. It not only reflects the digital hydraulic drive and motion control precision, high efficiency, ease of use and low maintenance, strong tolerance, more play a robot mechanical engineering significantly enhance the efficiency, energy consumption decreased rapidly. Engineering machine digital, networking and intelligent development, to the mechanical engineering towards high power robot laid the foundation and paved the way to the most difficult section of road, for the traditional engineering machinery industry to create new competitive space and profitability.

AEMETEC excavator robot is a typical Internet+ technology is the development trend of construction machinery industry. It is the best product of information technology and manufacturing combined transmission. It will open a new chapter in the development of construction machinery.

Excavator Robot has a wireless network connection ability, its precise conditions and the characteristics of the data will be real-time through a cloud of data system of statistics, analysis and continuous optimization, the latest operation data being sent back to mining robot used to maintain the best working characteristics, implementation of mining robot is the best work. This process also contains various parts of component parts such as real-time characteristics and fault warning and maintenance record. At the same time, can realize the whole operation area of equipment and equipment interoperability, also can through the cloud command system to achieve efficient collaboration for disaster relief and special operations, providing the ability to.


Smart construction machinery into the era of big data and cloud computing

Excavator Robot capable of unmanned operation

Digital hydraulic excavator with precision and high efficiency

Beyond visual range remote control

Kraft Robot


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