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2017-7-14 20:48:48

The international advanced level of identification for Digital hydraulic application


By the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed by the China Machinery Industry Federation in July 2, 2017 in Beijing organized by AEMETYEC Co., Ltd. developed "Application of High Precision Digital Hydraulic Cylinder Synchronous Control System in Hydropower Project" scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting. This identification not only affirmed the value of digital hydraulic technology, but also for large state-owned enterprises to adopt digital hydraulic technology innovation and development, innovation beyond a best sure.

The chair of the appraisal committee shall be served by Mr. RAO Fangquan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Members of the Appraisal Committee include: Mr. Rao Tao, Senior engineer/Secretary General of China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, Professor Liu Xingtang, Department of Control and Engineering, Air Force Engineering University, Professor Lin Feng, deputy head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Jiao Zongxia, executive vice president of the Institute of Automation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Cheng Luoying, Fluid Transmission and Control Expert, MCC Engineering and Research Incorporation Limited, Senior engineer, control expert, Mr. Quan Junzong, Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.. Identification of the Commission agreed that: the technical achievements of a significant innovation, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, the development of China's hydropower equipment and other industries play an important role. Experts attending the meeting suggested: to further increase the promotion of this technological achievements to meet the market and user needs.



In the hydraulic drive system, synchronous control requirements are very common. But the large flow, high precision, multi-actuator synchronization, has been a more difficult problem to solve. Due to the hydraulic system of liquid compression, leakage, damping and other characteristics, especially in the external load capacity and external load capacity changes and equipment itself, the imbalance and equipment movement stroke larger circumstances, to achieve multi-cylinder high synchronization accuracy very difficult.

Taking the high-precision synchronous control project of hydraulic turbine cylinder in hydropower project as an example:

In the construction of large hydropower stations, the turbine cylinder is the key equipment for the operation of the start-up hydropower generator. It is installed in the turbine casing outside the water cut off the device, as an emergency treatment of oil turbine off the important equipment, the core technology to enhance the cylinder valve must solve the multi-cylinder high-precision synchronization and large deviation load synchronization problems, if It is very easy to cause a major accident, so the hydraulic control system must be very safe and reliable.

China since 1986 began to import cylindrical valve technology, but has been unable to solve the multi-cylinder high-precision synchronization of this key technical issues. The key technology is subject to people, China's hydropower projects can not always get rid of dependence on foreign countries, limiting the domestic technical level of development, which has seriously hampered the development of China's overall industrial level of the process.


Professor Yang Shixiang, the inventor of digital hydraulic, introduced the research and development course of the project

AEMETEC CO., LTD. Independent development of digital hydraulic technology to solve multi-cylinder high-precision synchronous control and negative load control problems, so Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and AEMETEC cooperation, to use of digital hydraulic technology control cylinder valve, development Out of China's own high-performance cylindrical valve control system, launched a strong competition with foreign high-end products.

The technical achievements of this appraisal are based on digital hydraulic technology, and it is a high-precision digital hydraulic cylinder synchronous control system applied to the turbine cylinder valve control system in the identification of the results.

AEMETEC CO., LTD. After receiving the user's request in 2008, it has been carefully designed, manufactured and commissioned. It took only three months to develop new products that meet the technical requirements. July 2009, the first set of digital hydraulic control device using the cylindrical valve system in Zhejiang Tuen Hang Power Station 3 # unit to achieve commercial operation, never failed. July and August, 2013, Xiluodu hydroelectric power plant and Jinping a hydropower station has also been put into use, running normally, never failed. At present, Miao Miao Water Station in Yunnan Province and Huangdeng Hydropower Station in Yunnan have already started construction.


Identification Committee Expert Discussion


Identification experts raised technical doubts


Mr. Yang Tao, general manager of AEMETEC Co., Ltd. answered questions from experts


Academician Rao Fangquan worked as an chief engineer at Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. early years, very understanding of the cylindrical valve technology. Rao academician in the identification will be close to the end of the conclusion: an innovative technology is ultimately the best use of the user to have the right to speak, no matter how advanced the technical theory, if not practical application, can not create benefits for users, it Is not much practical value. Digital hydraulic technology innovation significantly, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, the development of China's hydropower equipment and other industries play an important role, it is recommended to further increase the technical achievements to promote the market and user needs.

Identification of the final by Mr. Yang Tao thanks to all the experts, especially stressed: to thank Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd. boldly use of domestic independent research and development of advanced technology to achieve innovation beyond, with the most convincing practice to verify the "innovation and development" is the Chinese equipment The way out of the manufacturing industry.