Nuclear and deep-sea robot


Digital hydraulic high precision high power robot

  • Disposal of nuclear wastes

  • Biochemical waste treatment

  • Deep sea operation

  • High temperature and high magnetic field


AEMETEC digital hydraulic high precision and high power special operation robot, able to withstand high intensity ionizing radiation and its application in radioactive nuclear materials processing and handling, spent fuel disposal and nuclear decommissioning operations, and other special operations in the field. The robot not only operation ability strong (maximum wingspan load capacity of more than 300 Kg), wide operating range (180 degrees rotation, -30~90 degrees pitch) and high accuracy (0.1 mm repeatability), wide working temperature range, can be from - 58 to 392 Fahrenheit degree, is currently the world environment tolerance strongest, work with higher accuracy and load capacity of the largest special operation robot.

AEMETEC digital hydraulic robot has a network link, the action link with fieldbus interface. Therefore, it can be easily achieved ultra distance remote control, programmed automatic operation, or by selection of machine vision and realization of autonomous operation.

Digital hydraulic robot (type: JXB63) technical index:

  • Pitch angle: -30 degrees, up 90;

  • Rotation angle: -90 degrees ~ +90 degrees (180 degrees)

  • Load capacity: the maximum wingspan angle -30 degrees: >100 kg; maximum wingspan elevation 45 degrees: >300 kg;

  • Hydraulic pressure: 5-20MPa; common mineral oil

  • Working temperature: - 58 Fahrenheit degree(low temperature type) ~ 392 Fahrenheit degree(high temperature type)

  • Repeat accuracy: stretch 0.05 mm; rotation + 0.05 degrees

  • Bus network: a variety of fieldbus and universal network connection

  • Operation: remote control, automatic profiling


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