Robotic Loader - Smart Construction Machinery


Construction Robot based on big-data, cloud computing and intelligent operation

AEMETEC digital hydraulic loader system, boom, bucket and steering by digital hydraulic cylinder drive control not only control and movement comfort and due to the digital hydraulic cylinder precision of movement ability, let the loader to achieve high efficiency of coordination work, meticulous process, automation, remote operation and intelligent unmanned operation.

Digital hydraulic loader power supply unit with AEMETEC digital programming power sensitive pump, not only has the load sensing ability, by AEMETEC digital programmable power mode, enhance the working efficiency at the same time, further reducing loader power, the loader quickly realize the high efficiency, energy saving and green jobs.

Digital hydraulic loader control system, using AEMETEC designed for developing robot can reorganize the logical control system, compared to existing ECU has better electromagnetic compatibility capability, high and low temperature adaptability, wide voltage range, so that the reliability of the control system is greatly improved. Digital hydraulic loader control system coordination control all digital hydraulic execution unit and digital programming power sensitive pump system and digital electro servo flow distribution system DEFM, not only the digital hydraulic loading machine control improved, work efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced and makes digital hydraulic loader has many intelligent and automatic operation ability.

Digital hydraulic loader has the ability of wireless network link. Including the boom, bucket, a steering cylinder speed and pressure, engine speed and torque, the number can be programmed power sensitive pump output power, GPS, temperature and humidity information, in milliseconds for real-time upload to the cloud of data storage server, is based on the wisdom of the big data and cloud computing can design optimization, intelligent manufacturing management, intelligent predictive maintenance, intelligent logistics management, intelligent financial services such as providing the basis.

Improve the efficiency and energy saving automation and intelligent operations including:

  • Automatic bucket placed flat (unloaded material after, "one click" will move arm and bucket automatically fall to the preset loading shovel position);

  • Adaptive loading shovel (shovel loading action entirely by the computer automatic control, to improve the full bucket rate and work efficiency at the same time, reduce energy consumption);

  • Automatic lifting of the boom (after full bucket, the boom is automatically raised to the height of the height of the walk);

  • Automatic lifting and unloading material ("one key" to enhance the movable arm to the default position, to facilitate the unloading of materials at the same time, reduce unnecessary energy consumption);

  • The driving arm automatic safe return (material after unloading, reversing the boom down automatically to a safe location);

  • The throttle automatic regulating function;

  • Each load record;

  • The cumulative weight loading truck records;

  • Each loading cycle time;

  • The day, week, month or set the time of loading statistics;

  • ......

AEMETEC Digital Hydraulic Intelligent Loader technology, to promote the development of construction machinery to the robot.

Robotic loader is ready to go

Loader automation and intelligent operation


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