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2018-5-2 14:29:40

0.027mm HiB silicon steel 20Hi Cold Rolling Mill with DHA AGC

Since 2016, AEMETEC's digital hydraulic cylinders have been successfully applied to the 20-roll silicon steel strip mill wiht AGC. Two years later, the digital hydraulic technology has been further developed to achieve a very thin strip rolling of 0.08 mm magnetic induction oriented silicon steel. April 21, 2018 On the day, 0.027mm HiB oriented silicon steel strip rolling was also successfully. AEMETEC's digital hydraulic technology adds new color for China's high-end core equipment to independent innovation.

0.027mm HiB silicon steel thin strip rolling with digital hydraulic AGC

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In the past, AGC of metal rolling generally used high-frequency response servo valve systems. Its design, installation, commissioning, use, and maintenance techniques were highly difficult. A set of steel rolling equipment frequently cost tens of millions to several hundred million yuan, which seriously hindered the industry.

Digital hydraulics have higher accuracy, better frequency response, stronger environmental endurance, and fully digital characteristics and low overall cost advantages. Therefore, in recent years, the servo valve technology has been upgraded by digital hydraulics in many fields. The new generation digital hydraulics not only achieved a rapid increase in the level of technology, but also enabled the appliction system to reflect better profitability and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and was highly evaluated by users in fields such as defense, metallurgy, energy, chemical engineering, and machinery manufacturing.

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